How do I learn more about finding work in a library? I am a U.S. citizen with the desire to spend about 1 year in Finland. I have a Master's degree in Library Science with several years of experience. Do you know how I might look into this idea further?

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To find a job in a library in Finland would be easiest if you contact bigger Libraries directly and ask about the opportunities, these would perhaps be Helsinki City Library, Tampere City Library, Turku City Library or Oulu City Library (situated in different cities in Finland) of public libraries or scientific libraries, National Library perhaps as the first. You can find contact information to all Finnish libraries in the Library Directory, . It is also possible to put an add into our service, . If you need help in filling the form, which is in Finnish, you can send mail to
General information about working in Finland can be found here TE-services (Public employment and business services), .

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