Hi, me and my daughter (6 years old) will be in Finland/Helsinki in August. Could you be so kind to provide me the below mentioned informations; 1. we would like to have a finish language buddy (a person who will be willing to teach/talk us in Finnish) in order to learn finish, do you provide such service on countesy basis? 2. any part time work opportunities? Please note that I will study master degree for 2 years in Helsinki and I am a trademark&patent attorney in my home country. Kind regards. (Please note that my school will be in Helsinki and my home will be in Suutarila)

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Here are some ideas for learning Finnish in Helsinki:

- Language cafés and discussion groups in Helmet Libraries (Helsinki Metropolitan Area Librar-ies)

- List of the Helsinki City Libraries and the addresses you’ll find at the following site

- Cafe Lingua in Helsinki

- Conversation Exchange Helsinki https://www.conversationexcha...=Finnish

- Here are some other face-to-face language exchange sites


To get an idea of the job situation in Finland, you can also check the following sites: This is Finland / How about getting a job in Finland and Job hunting /How to find a job in Finland:

Also the Ministry of Employment and the Economy has a site for jobseekers:

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