Hi, I would like to ask if it is possible to reserve a book if now it is not in the library, so as when it comes back I could be sure to get it. Thank you!

Answered 05/09/2017 12:56:56 (Last modified 05/09/2017 13:07:33)

You can reserve material either at the library or in Your record at To make a request Yourself You need to have a PIN code. You will receive a notice concerning reservations ready for picking up by a letter or email, or by ordering a text message subject to a charge.

If You don't have yet a personal Helmet library card, You can get at any Helmet library or mobile library

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09 September 2017 14:21

Englannin kielen muuttuminen on mielenkiintoista. Meidän aikanamme ei you-sanaa saanut "koskaan" kirjoittaa isolla alkukirjaimella. Mitä sanovat kirjaston hyllyssä nyt olevat opasteokset?
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